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Savannah Awnings & Outdoor Comfort works with homeowners, property managers, homeowners’ associations, and communities across the Savannah area to restore, revitalize, and enhance their properties with high quality awnings, patio covers, shade covers, and more. Our clients choose us because they’ve experienced the difference in our process, the ease of communication with our team, and the passion of our employees. Partner with Savannah Awnings on your next residential or commercial awning project for a personalized experience and incredible results.

Our highly skilled and experienced team of professionals uses the latest products and tools combined with the latest technology to fabricate absolutely stunning awnings, as well as 100% secure and reliable installation. We understand that each job has its own unique technical requirements. Savannah Awnings has chosen to specialize in Sunesta Fabrics and Awnings since they provide the highest quality in the industry. We use the finest craftsmen, state-of-the-art fabrication processes, and the longest lasting materials. Savannah Awnings & Outdoor Comfort combines its strengths to produce a competitive product in the marketplace. Everything is handled in-house through our licensed and insured team of professionals: design and engineering, permitting, graphics, and all phases of manufacturing and installation.

Few companies can deliver the start-to-finish professionalism you find at Savannah Awnings. We understand the versatility and value of beautifully-crafted awnings that provide style, comfort, protection and space. We combine quality materials, custom design and professional installation to ensure your satisfaction and meet your budget. We are a locally owned company with the experience, production resources and dedicated staff to complete your job with the expertise and exacting quality you can trust.

Custom awnings provide almost unlimited opportunities to enhance your home with unique shapes and colors, dramatic impact and added protection against the elements. For your entries, windows or outdoor living areas, awnings offer multiple benefits:

-Increased comfort and living space
-Reduced energy costs
-Enhanced decor and value
-Added solar protection

Please browse our commercial and residential galleries for examples of our resourceful awning applications. Our Design Studio will help you choose the right shape and style of awning for the particular location you want to cover.


Awnings offer a long-term solution to additional outdoor living space at a lower cost than standard roof construction. They also save energy which in return saves you quite a bit of money over time. Available in both stationary and retractable styles, the beautiful fabrics will enhance your outdoor decor.

Solar Screens

Sometimes called roll down awnings, or roll up shades, these patio shades provide a beautiful and convenient solution for sun/weather protection and privacy. Patio shades can be installed outside a window, on the edge of a patio or even over the entrance to your home.

Hurricane Shutters

Hurricane Shutters provide substantial protection against hurricane force winds, flying debris, theft and forced entry. Our hurricane shutters meet and surpass all newly imposed building guidelines and requirements for the construction and installation of hurricane protection products.


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Our custom awnings and shades have limitless possibilities. Give us a call or send an email to find out how we can cover your residential or commercial project. We are always eager to talk to clients.