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Retractable Awnings & Exterior Shading for Home or Business

We have awnings for a huge variety of applications, including: decks, pool, patios, porches, courtyards, balconies, skylights, outdoor areas, and many enclosed areas around your home or business. Retractable awnings are constructed to shelter areas from the damaging effects of the sun, providing the benefits of year-round sun protection from heat, UV rays and glare.

Retractable Awnings

Retractable awnings offer a long-term solution to create additional outdoor living space at a lower cost than standard roof construction.

Storm Protection

We take the guess work out of buying storm and hurricane shutters for your home or business. Let us help protect your property and family.

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Sun Shades and screens, can be used on your patio, deck, or windows. Made from woven fabric to protect your home from the sun’s heat & rays.


We have a large variety of stationary awnings that will provide a beautiful covered outdoor space around your home or business.


Expand your outdoor living area or beat the heat with our large selection of patio, pool, cantilever, and restaurant umbrellas.

Awning Repair

Over time the harsh UV rays take a toll on all fabrics. We can repair faded, torn, or tattered canvas, awning fabrics, and sail cloth.

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We offer turn-key projects with finish-project renderings. We cover everything from design to installation for both homes and businesses, both big and small.

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Motorized Shades

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Awning and Shade Specialists

Awnings provide a variety of benefits for both business owners and homeowners. From providing shade and reducing energy bill costs, to making your business more visible and sophisticated, these products are a great addition to nearly any residential or commercial structure. At Savannah Awnings, we are absolutely committed to providing the best for our customers, and are sure to manufacture and install only the highest-quality products. From canopies to retractable awnings, we provide a wide variety of choices, and are sure to have something to meet your needs.

Protection From The Elements

No one likes having to stay inside because of the weather. By installing a retractable awning, it will allow you to use your outdoor living space even if there's inclement weather. Even if you just want to hang out in the shade, retractable awnings will allow you to do just that since it's a good way to add shade to your home while not having to spend a fortune.

Expand Your Living Space

Installing a retractable awning to your outdoor living space can provide space for entertainment. It's a great spot to hang out with friends and family during a party or small get together. Retractable awnings are big enough to have a sitting area with your guests which allows you to utilize your outdoor living space effectively. Retractable awnings and shades also add the privacy to outdoor living spaces that most homeowners are looking for.

Increase Your Properties Value

Retractable canopies and awnings can increase the value of your home in a big way. If you have a great outdoor living area, the value of your home can easily go up. Many homes have nothing in their backyard, so simply by adding a retractable awning, screen, or shade you can add valuable living space and increase your home's value.

Covering The Coastal Empire & The Lowcountry With Awnings

Whether you are wanting to find the right look for your business or are wanting to beat the summer heat in your home, our team of trained professionals can provide you with expert advice, while letting you make the decision on which products to install. We pride ourselves on the reputation that we have built for reliability, quality, technical capability, and service. You can trust the team at Savannah Awnings for all of your awning needs!

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Commercial Shading Solutions For Your Business 

Most business owners already know that one of the most important aspects of store management is getting people in the door. This means the exterior must look as inviting as possible, to encourage people to step inside. What could be more inviting than a cool, sun-shading awning on a hot Savannah day?

Commercial Awnings offer protection from the rain in bad weather, too! An attractive metal or canvas awning, chosen to complement your existing storefront, is an ideal way to improve the look of the store quickly and easily. Whatever your awning requirements may be, Savannah Awnings & Outdoor Comfort can meet your needs, backed by many years of experience. Our customers consistently report that they are thrilled with their investment after we install their new canopies. Leave it to us to improve the appearance and functionality of your commercial building.

Commercial Awnings & Canopies

Commercial awnings are a great addition to the exterior structure of your business. With weather protective qualities and decorative appeal, commercial awnings increase the value of your property and protect the safety of your valuables, staff, and patrons. In addition, commercial awnings can be customized to draw attention to your business and provide an array of important benefits. Whether you’re choosing special back-lit awnings or traditional canopies, you’re sure to notice your business thriving with these eye-catching accessories.

  • Protection From Sunlight

    The sun’s UV rays can severely damage and fade furniture, carpet, upholstery, drapes and flooring. You can protect your valuable interior furnishings and prolong their life with a retractable awning or an exterior shade.

  • Energy Efficient

    Our products help lower energy cost year around! Shading your interior will naturally cool your home and reduce air conditioning costs by up to 25%!

  • Increase Visibility

    Make your business look more inviting with a commercial awning.  Commercial awnings can be used to make a walkway, emphasize a patio, and essentially create an outdoor room to make your property look larger. Awnings and canopies provide weather protection, identification, and add architectural interest to commercial buildings.

  • Protection From The Elements

    Commercial awnings create a covered walkway for your customers to find protection from the elements. These are especially important in sunny climates and for businesses that tend to have a line outside the door, such as a restaurant or nightclub. Another benefit to commercial awnings is that they shield the exterior of your property from fallen debris and hail. These awnings are also important in stormy and windy climates to protect your customers.

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